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Sold Artwork

Some of my sold artworks

Stallion (sold)
MICA building..
All dressed for the dance.jpg.jpg
Horse (in case anyone has a doubt 😜)..
Snoopy 2
A snoopy watercolor.jpg.jpg
Singapore river
China town singapore
At the kumbh..
Neither Santa nor banta _)..
Vizag sunset (12X16")
Kolkata Barges (14X20")
Basset hound (9X12")
Going to the ball (12X12")
Study in monochrome (9"X12")
Mont St Michael (9"X12")
Study in monochrome (12"X12")
The afternoon arti
Kolkata calling
The temple band
The afternoon passenger
Father and son at Bali
A visit to the temple
Tanjore revisited
The Taj sunset
Out at sea
Morning light at Bali beach
Humayuns tomb
On the hunting trail
Kathakali dancer
Getting ready for the show
The long wait
Babysitting Nepal ishtyle
Considering the sale price at Pushkar
Off to the market in Cambodia
Flamenco dancing
Waiting for the rains
The Indian Sadhu stare
"The Fog Horn"
The green turban
Kolkata calling (2)
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