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About Shashi Raghunandan

I am a self taught amateur watercolour painter. I began painting fifteen odd years ago and I suppose I am still learning every day. Watercolor is an exciting medium as much as it is frustrating and over the years, as I have continued to learn, I can say quite confidently that my degree of frustration has somewhat reduced (though it still has the ability to drive me up the wall). My inspiration in overcoming these frustrations has been watercolor masters, both past and present, like Winslow Homer, Edward Wesson, John Yardley and Ng Woon Lam. 

I moved to the US from Singapore a year ago and am irresistibly drawn to sights and sounds of my town (Old Greenwich) and the stunning landscapes of the places my wife and I drive down to during our holidays. The rocky cliffs and lighthouses of Maine, the red sands of Sedona and Tod's point are all subjects that inspire me to pick up my brush and paint. While the majority of my themes are from places that I visit, I do make the odd departure when it comes to painting horses or copying a painting from a watercolour master. My intent in the latter case is to learn from them and their techniques which has a continuing impact on my own brushwork and technique.

I hope you enjoy visiting this page. Drop me an email at with your feedback. Would love to hear from you.

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